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Diagnosis: Herniated discs

Bob's story
Diagnosis: Degenerative disc disease

Brad's story
Diagnosis: Herniated lumbar disc

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Susan's story

Diagnosis: Herniated cervical disc

Merrill's story
Diagnosis: Foraminal Stenosis


Don't get burned by laser spine surgery

It is no coincidence that more than 95 percent of minimally invasive spine procedures in the United States are performed without the use of laser. Mayfield Clinic does not perform or endorse laser spine surgery. Learn more.> 






When a medical condition impacts the brain or spine, patients and their families naturally experience a wide range of emotions. But along with feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear, hope frequently can coexist. Our patients have taught us that while success is not universal when the brain or spine is affected, it is often within reach. The following "Hope Stories," told with the permission of our patients, present satisfactory solutions to challenging neurological situations.  As you are reading, please remember that every patient is unique. Results of neurological care are not always the same.

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dwight's story
meningioma tumor
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cauda equina syndrome
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lysa's story
ruptured aneurysm
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DBS for parkinson's
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DBS for parkinson's
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DBS for parkinson's
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