More people ask for Mayfield.

More than 20,000 patients come to the Mayfield Clinic for brain and spine care each year, making it one of the largest neurosurgery practices in the United States. Mayfield physicians treat patients for spinal disorders and deformities, brain tumors, strokes and aneurysms, epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, facial pain, back pain, Chiari malformations, and more.

Our neurosurgery training program at the University of Cincinnati Department of Neurosurgery is world-renowned, and the graduates of our program work in leading neuroscience centers throughout the world, including right here in Cincinnati.

From complex neurosurgery to minimally invasive surgery and outpatient procedures that get you home the same day, Mayfield Clinic is your total neurosurgical resource. And that's why more people ask for Mayfield.


Photos: Images from Mayfield's Rookwood Exchange open house 09/10/2015.

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DBS Surgery for Parkinson's
Radiotherapy for Brain Tumors
Stroke/Brain Aneursym

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Acoustic Neuroma
Laser Spine Surgery Facts

Open House 9/21/2015

Mayfield is proud to support Walk Ahead for a Brain Tumor Cure, which funds research and education at the UC Brain Tumor Center. This year's event had a record 3,383 participants and raised more than $300,000! View our photo gallery on Facebook.

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery
"Would DBS surgery have potential benefits for me?" Scott asked. The answer was yes. View Scott's story