Priority Consult

Patient Referral to the Mayfield Clinic - a letter for your patients explaining the Mayfield Clinic's referral and review process known as Priority Consult.

Priority Consult - a beneficial service to you and your spine patients


Additional recommended treatment or testing is scheduled within days of the surgeon review.

After the surgeon’s disposition, patients are assisted by our nurse Care Coordinators who provide patient education and coordinate their care with our large network of specialized spine care providers.

Patients are managed quickly and recover sooner, most without surgery.

We will work closely with your office to coordinate any testing, preauthorization and paperwork to save your staff as much time as possible.

You are kept informed so you know exactly what is going on with your patients and how they are progressing.

No more waiting weeks for the surgeon’s opinion. Most patients receive the surgeon’s disposition and treatment plan within three to seven business days.

No co-pays, deductibles or out-of-pocket expense to your patients.

To make a referral or for additional information call:
513.221.1100 or 800.325.7787

Donna Bollinger, VP, Operations 513.569-5358
FAX 513.569.5339

Mark Farrington, CEO - Mayfield Clinic 513.569.5310

Tom Rosenberger, VP, Communications 513.569.5260

Beth O'Connell, Manager, Initial Care 513.569.5285