Spine Athlete ::: Brad's story

Herniated disc

Diagnosis: Herniated disc at L5-S1

Treatment: Epidurals, followed by laminectomy and discectomy

Neurosurgeon: Paul Cohen, MD

Initial Injury: I’m not sure exactly when I hurt my back. If I had to guess, the initial trauma happened in a sledding accident when I was about 11. I was sledding down a hill, got turned around, and hit a tree. Over the rest of my teenage life, and into my 20s, I went to the doctor several times for pain in the lower right side of my back. Each time I was told I was overdoing it and to take anti-inflammatory medication. After going to the doctor 9 out of 11 years for the same back pain, my doctor ordered x-rays and diagnosed my condition as mild scoliosis.

Turning point: Another year passed and the back pain was getting exponentially worse. The pain took much of my life away. I wasn’t able to play basketball or even throw a baseball. I was hunched over, unable to stand straight up. I went back to the doctor, who this time ordered an MRI. The results indicated that I had three herniated discs. My first neurosurgeon told me I would have to live with this pain forever and I wasn’t a surgery candidate. I tried epidurals, but I was in more pain than when I started.

My physical therapist, Julie Rigling, of Oxford Physical Therapy, recommended Dr. Cohen, of the Mayfield Clinic. He saw only one herniated disc, at L5-S1. We tried epidurals again and it was a much better experience. The epidurals helped the pain subside for about a year while I also participated in physical therapy. I was able to be active again and even tried out for the Ohio State University Club Baseball team, a true milestone because I felt that back pain had cut my baseball career short in high school. I had made it to final cuts before my back gave out again. I was unable to even swing my bat. In 2008 Dr. Cohen wanted to try one last epidural. When it still hadn’t kicked in after a month, I made the decision to go ahead and have surgery. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was 22 years old.

Being a spine athlete: I shot my first basketball six weeks after the surgery, and I gradually got back into working out. The pain in my right leg was gone. I thoroughly enjoy playing basketball and I finally got back to swinging a bat, albeit a softball bat. I take good care of my body when I compete, and I keep my core muscle group strong to take the pressure off of my back muscles. On top of that, I have learned to lift with my legs and not my back.

I couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with Mayfield. Dr. Paul Cohen gave me my life back. I was always athletic, but I can’t recall ever feeling this strong and great about my body. I made a great choice with Mayfield.

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"Prior to my surgery, it was a struggle to even put my socks on by myself. Sometimes it was so difficult, I went without. I was so limited in my flexibility that I couldn’t touch my knees. Once, while trying to take a shower, my body locked up and I was in so much in pain I ended up in the emergency room. I was treated with fairly high doses of muscle relaxers and pain medicine."