Frank Henderson Mayfield, MD
1908 - 1991

The founding partners
Mayfield, Lotspeich, Hunter & Budde, Ltd.



Mayfield Center

O. Bradford Butler, Sister Grace Marie Hiltz,
Frank Mayfield, Roger Weseli at the dedication
of The Mayfield Center for Surgical Neurology
at Good Samaritan Hospital on May 14, 1982


mayfield aneurysm clips

MAYFIELD aneurysm clips (left) and
Drake modifications (right)

mayfield skull clamp

MAYFIELD skull clamp

Frank Mayfield Oak Street

Dr. Mayfield purchased a victorian mansion at 3825 Edwards Road - Suite 300 in 1959 for his clinical offices. As new partners joined the group, a brass name plate was added to the portico. Today, the house serves as the Mayfield Clinic corporate office.